Dongguan Sunding Electronic co., Ltd is a high-tech electronic products manufacturer. We do electronic technology research, develop products and provide high-quality products. We promote ourselves by a great team of experienced experts and engineers. Besides, we welcome more talents to people to join in us.

Sunding has advanced SMT production line, adcanced producing machine, which well provides quality products for customers. Sunding mainly products developed bicycle computers, bicycle lights, switch controller pedometers and similarities.

Our products spread all over the world such as Eropean, America, South of Asia, Middle-east and so on. we dedicate to be the greatest bicycle accessories manufacturer with great international competitiveness.

Perfect Quality Control Perfect quality control Our company strictly implement the ISO9001 quality management system standards. We set up a complete management system, which is from the product design, manufacyuring and testing to sales, to ensure the best products quality. Thus, we create good environment and company culture.
High-quality Product With customers increasing their aethetic standards and requirements of bike computers, our company pay more and more attention to manufacturing process. We strictly design our products and carefully pick up the materials to lay the foundation for high-end products. Experienced engineers and experts develop new technology to ensure better products.
Beautiful Company Environment Creativity comes from the relaxed environment. Our company also learn from those first-class companies in the world, creating more relaxing and comfortable office environment for employees. So that they can utilize their talent better.

Company Culture

We have a complete product system and services to provide high-tech products. Sunding believes in "Integrity, responsibility, unity, innovation", hoping to make adavancement together with our partners in th world.


Company Spirit

Integrity and dedication, forge ahead in unity

We always emphasize the strength of the whole team, step by step to today's brilliance.

Company Faith

Increase quality to attract customers;consider customer's requirement as the priority.

We develop, produce,and sale reliable and safe high-tech products. Our success depends on our insistence inquality and innovation.

Company Target

Cultivate talents, produce high-quality products, serve the community

Strengthen the enterprise management, train staff team spirit, strengthen safety production discipline. Strive to learn and improve quality.